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 Kevin Witmyer has been passionate about  dogs from his earliest memories, growing up with his Pomeranian, Lisa.   Dogs were always a part of the family.   During his 25-year career in Public  Safety, which included serving as a Firefighter, Police Officer and as a  Paramedic, Kevin began working with his own dogs starting in 1988 with  his Dalmatian, Maggie.  After retiring from this career and spending  more time working with his dogs, a new career choice was clearly  obvious.   Kevin began gaining experience working under another trainer  in group classes in Basic and Advanced Obedience while studying canine  behavior and psychology.   Believing that there is no “one size fits  all” method for dog training, he has studied various methods used today  in order to develop a well stocked “tool box” enabling him to use a  method that will work for dogs and their families on an individual  basis.   Finding the best method allows him to help you and your dog  succeed. 

 Kevin’s passions are understanding how  dogs think, learn, interact and communicate with each other and their  people.  He believes that once communication and understanding occur,  the door to learning is wide open!  And some of the most successful  learning occurs when the lessons are FUN for everyone involved.  This  communication and understanding can grow a very strong bond and  partnership. 

As times change and circumstances become different, his focus has broadened to include Working Dogs; specializing in Psychological Service Dogs. When not training, Kevin can be found in the company of his own Service Dog, Six.

Kevin is well known to many trainers, groomers, pet sitters, walkers, and  training enthusiasts across the US, Canada, and abroad for his active  participation in an online community dedicated to dog behavior and  training.


Kevin lives in Battle Creek, MI with his son and their three dogs, Gracie, Rose, and Six; with whom he enjoys Barn Hunt.