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 My dog has a problem with inappropriately eliminating/digging/chewing/etc.  Can you help me? 

We  have dealt with a number of problem behaviors in client dogs with great  success.  While we are not Animal Behaviorists, we invite you to call  and discuss your problem!   We can evaluate your situation, offer  suggestions to help, and, if necessary, refer you to a qualified Animal  Behaviorist.   

I’d like my dog to become certified for therapy work.  Can you help us reach this goal? 

We  love therapy dogs, and we’re always happy to help a team achieve  certification!  We’ve worked with folks who have gone on to work almost  daily as therapy teams!   

I want my dog to get her AKC STAR Puppy Award or Canine Good Citizen certificate.  Are you able to help with this? 

Absolutely!!!   Our Puppy class and Polished Partners class are structured  for, and end with the STAR Puppy and CGC test, respectively.   The test  is included in the class!   

I don’t live in your area; can I bring my dog for a lesson? 

Sure!   We’ve worked with clients who have come from as far away as Richmond, VA.   We’ll be happy to arrange for a place to conduct your lesson.   

Do you do protection training? 

Great Lakes DogWorks limits itself to working toward proper socialization, manners  and obedience training.  We do not deal in protection work.   

My dog went through another obedience class, but didn’t do so well.  Can you help? 

Absolutely!    About half of our clients come to us after having gone through a class  elsewhere.   Because we offer one-on-one classes, we are able to  customize classes to your needs—reinforcing strong behaviors,  strengthening weak behaviors, and introducing new ones that may not have  been a part of your prior class.   

I have a couple friends who would like to take a group class together.   Are we out of luck? 

Not  at all!   When we first began, we dealt exclusively with one-on-one  training with no more than one family at a time.   While this continues  to be our major format, we are now offering “Mini Group” classes,  consisting of up to four dog / handler teams.   It’s a great way to take  a class with friends or family and their dogs, have fun, and get a  special price – all at the same time!!   

Is my dog too old to learn? 

Certainly not.   There’s simply no truth to the old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   Dogs can learn at any age!   

I think my dog is too stubborn to learn obedience.  Can you do anything to help? 

You  bet!   Like people, not all dogs learn in exactly the same way, and  there is simply no “one size fits all” approach to training.   We draw  on a diverse bag of tricks to find the exercises and games that work  best for both you and your dog.   

Will you train my dog for me? 

Great Lakes DogWorks does not currently offer a board and train service.   A part  of our training curriculum involves educating owners in the theory and  everyday application of the behaviors taught in class.   Handing off a  trained dog causes a gap in that understanding.   We also emphasize  development of a deeper relationship and bond between the dog and owner,  and working with your dog through training is a wonderful experience  which grows and strengthens that bond.   

Do you offer boarding / grooming / doggie day care? 

Great Lakes DogWorks is devoted entirely to socialization, obedience and manners  training, and does not currently offer boarding, grooming or day care  services.